Celebrating the “Big O” on National Orgasm Day

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HOUSTON, TX - National Orgasm Day is a day to celebrate what our good friends Merriam and Webster call “an explosive discharge of neuromuscular tensions at the height of sexual arousal,” but let's get real, we all know the “big-o” is simply known as everyone's favorite part of sex.

“I think orgasms are wonderful and healthy for a lot of reasons, when someone has an orgasm, there's lots of wonderful chemicals that are released” explained certified sex therapist Emily deAyala. “It's something that couples can enjoy together, so it should be celebrated.”

The benefits of an orgasm are just part of the discussion deAyala touches on when talking to clients about sexuality, but there are also myths that can make the g-spot seem more like a mystery.

“I always tell people, you are responsible for your orgasm and part of that is talking to your partner about your likes and dislikes, which a lot of people are afraid to do. So, the more open the dialogue, the better the sex and the better the orgasm,” says deAyala.

As an even more open conversation carries on about the “O”, some say the subject may be too public. Cosmopolitan Magazine is under increasing criticism for their heated headlines, enough for some retailers to decide that they'll start covering the covers and racy front page headlines.

Seems like some things are still a little taboo for some folks, but even if Cosmo gets moved to the back shelves, those who want to keep the conversation going still have National Orgasm Day.

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