Convenience store beating caught on camera

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SMYRNA, GA - Two clerks at a gas station outside Atlanta had their workday turned upside down when a would-be customer went berserk.

Surveillance video shows a man inside the store late Sunday night. He calmly tosses some money on the counter, but then gets agitated for some reason, throwing his hands up to fight. Seemingly without reason, he walks over to the poor guy mopping the floor and sucker punches him in the face! He grabs the guy by the shirt and swings at him three more times before tossing him to the side. Then the mad man goes behind the counter and starts wailing on the cashier.

Police say the man didn't steal anything. He just took back his money and the counter and left. One of the victims was treated at a hospital and released.

Now cops are trying to track down the assailant and charge him with assault.

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