Cougar women more successful in careers

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HOUSTON, TX-- Ladies, are you ashamed of your cougar tendencies? Well, don't be. Being a cougar today can boost not just your ego, but your career, too.

New research finds 50% of women who date younger guys are in managerial positions, while just a third of all women ever make it that far. What's behind all this? We went to relationship expert, Houston's millionaire matchmaker Jamie Rose (of Rose Matchmaking) to get the lowdown.

"When I do get cougars that come in, they don't have any problem labeling it and calling themselves a 'cougar,'" Rose says. "These tend to be your very Type A women, high-powered, executive-level type women."

Full disclosure, this study was done by, a hook-up site for older women and younger men, so they certainly have skin in the game, so to speak. But Rose says it's really all about confidence.

"Having that younger man there will definitely boost up that self-esteem and give them something to really shoot for," she explains. "If... they want a raise, they're gonna get it. And if they want a younger man, they're gonna get that, too."

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