Police dispatch recordings released in Louisiana deadly theater shooting

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LAFAYETTE, LA – Louisiana police have released security video from the Grand Theater in Lafayette. It shows gunman John “Rusty” Houser who shot 11 people, killing two of them before killing himself on July 23.

The video shows Houser, in a white shirt and shorts, buying his ticket. He then walks through the lobby toward theater number 14.

Police also released the radio calls from first responders.

Dispatcher: “Two people were shot. One in the leg, the other was shot – two people were shot in the leg. White male white shirt, khaki shorts was shooting. White male.”

Officer: “Everybody hang on! 330, be advised, they said he’s inside, he’s in number 14. He is reloading. He has a weapon. We have an active shooter here.”

Officer: “Headquarters, get as many units as you can here. Call the SO and the state police if we have to.”

Dispatcher: 10-4. 10-4.

Officer: I need units and I need units with rifles in here.”

Officer: “All right, headquarters, listen. We need everybody over here. Send anybody you got.”

Lieutenant: “Take it easy. Everybody’s en route. We’re comin’.”

Officer: “All right, headquarters. We are making entry. We have reports of first hall to the left inside the theater.”

Dispatcher: “OK, we’ve just been advised the suspect shot himself.”

Officer: “What number? What number theater? We’re in the theater.

Dispatcher: 14, number 14.

Officer: We’ve got one subject down. OK, we’ve got several more victims inside. Suspect is down. Suspect is down. We have several more victims inside with gunshot wounds.

Thursday night in Lafayette, one week after the shooting, hundreds attended a celebration in remembrance of the two victims as families and a community continue the long road to healing.

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