Teen accused of suffocating new born baby, placing him in shopping bag

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NEW YORK, NY - An 18-year-old is now facing murder charges in New York after prosecutors say she suffocated her newborn baby, put him in a bag, then went shopping the next day.

The teen, Tiona Rodriguez, has since pleaded not guilty.

Rodriguez was arrested on a shoplifting charge back in 2013. she was allegedly caught stealing a $45 pair of skinny jeans from Victoria's Secret. When a security guard searched her bag, he found her baby's dead body.

According to prosecutors, Rodriguez didn't want anyone to know about her pregnancy, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. She apparently gave birth to the baby in a friend's bathroom, tore the umbilical cord with her bare hands, then asphyxiated the 8-pound boy.

Rodriguez's lawyer claims the young mom didn't know she was pregnant and that it was a stillbirth, not a killing.

Prosecutors say Rodriguez also gave birth to baby back in 2012, the circumstances surrounding that child's death are unclear.

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