Zimbabwe seeking extradition of Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the Lion

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ZIMBABWE, AFRICA - Outrage over the killing of Cecil the Lion has grown in Zimbabwe and now the dentist from Minnesota has a target on his back for killing the prized animal. Locals are calling it a sin and seeking justice.

Zimbabwe has begun extradition proceedings against Walter James Palmer and hopes the United States won`t stand in the way. The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating.

The big game hunter was in hiding for days since news of his deadly shot was heard "round the world." He has resurfaced and according to the U.S.. Fish and Wildlife service, is cooperating with authorities.


Cecil the Lion was 13 years old before being killed in big game hunt by Minnesota dentist Walter James Palmer.

Cecil was 13 years old and lived on protected land in one of Zimbabwe`s national parks. Hunting him is illegal. Poaching carries a penalty of up to 15 years behind bars.

Cecil was lured out of the park by Palmer and two Zimbabwean guides. The dentist first shot Cecil with a crossbow, then tracked him for 40 hours before he gunned down the big cat.

Palmer paid more than 50-thousand dollars for his hunting trip. Now, that he is the one being hunted you could say that expedition may cost him plenty more.

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