Gay woman turns straight and is asking money for women’s clothing

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Let's file this story in the "are you really serious?" category. You may have seen pictures of this woman online since her "cause" is causing quite the buzz.

That woman would be Chelsie Rene, and she's soliciting donations online to help her transition from gay to straight.

That's right,  she claims she was once gay, and says now she's completely straight. According to her GoFundMe page, she says, in part "this was a choice of my own, not pressured by anyone else."

And even if some of us don't understand or agree,  it's her journey right?

Diana Mancillas says, "You can't decide to be something else, if she's gay, she's gay!"

To each his own, but even more disturbing than making sexual orientation a "choice" is the fact that she's now asking perfect strangers to donate money because she claims "being straight is expensive."

Her GoFundMe page has been set up to collect one thousand dollars to help pay for her new "girlie" wardrobe.

So we asked if people around Houston would donate to her cause?

Alejandro Bonfil says, "I wouldn't fund this project personally because I feel like an article does not represent how you feel inside. You dont' have to follow the norms"

Mancillas adds, "I'm sure she has straight friends, maybe she can ask them to borrow some clothes. there are plenty of ways she can go about this without having to ask for money."

Preston Turner says, "Why can't she just take the money that she's used all this time for what's shes bought with clothes and just buy women's clothes?"

The straight journey may not be cheap, but look at that sneaker collection from her more "dude-like" days. Hey put those on eBay and you'll have all the money you need!

She claims she'll be donating all of her old gear to young individuals in need, but judging from her pleas for paper, it sounds like she's the one in need of a reality check!.

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