August is National Romance Awareness Month

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HOUSTON, Texas - August is National Romance Awareness Month, and it comes with flowers, a necklace, chocolate, dinner, movie night… maybe a good night kiss… you know the rest.   And it's a month, so no excuses my friend: you have to remember.

America is the land of the free and the home of the brave, but what about romance?  How are we faring on that subject?

"The American man is very romantic," said Houston resident Reginald Sherman. "The guys, they love to treat their women and the women, they loved to get treated."

And speaking of August, dating site surveyed 2,300 Americans and found something interesting: more people consider summer vacation to be the most romantic season, beating Valentine's Day.  Is that true?  Perhaps this is the perfect time to start a relationship.

Love is in the air!  Can you feel it?  And be careful what you wish for… because tonight is the night.