Democrats block vote to pull Planned Parenthood’s funds

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - The recent controversy surrounding women's healthcare provider Planned Parenthood is reaching a fever pitch with national lawmakers. Senate Democrats delayed a vote today on whether to pull federal tax dollars from funding the non-profit organization that provides women with reproductive health services, including abortions.

The bill, sponsored by Republican Joni Ernst, from Iowa, would have shifted federal dollars to other community health centers. The vote comes on the heels of public outrage toward planned parenthood after a pro-life group released undercover videos showing executives discussing prices for fetal tissue. The group that made the videos argue that the organization is selling body parts from aborted fetuses, which would be illegal, but there is no proof of that.

Abortion providers are legally allowed to recoup the costs of donating fetal tissue. White House press secretary Josh Earnest says the president would have vetoed the bill had it passed. But that didn't stop Republicans from making a grand gesture against what they see as a grave injustice.