Jericho still alive but second American doctor accused of poaching

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ZIMBABWE - A case of mistaken identity led to international headlines and uproar over the weekend when reports surfaced that Jericho, an ally of Cecil the Lion, had been killed. That news followed the death of Cecil last month at the hands of American dentist Walter Palmer. Oxford University noted Jericho's GPS monitor was on the move, so it sent a researcher to look for him.

"Because anybody can shoot a lion take the pelt and put it on a dog or any other animal, we had one of the investigators confirm that Jericho was alive and the cubs are alive," said Johnny Rodriguez, chairman of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force.

Though the lion found dead Saturday wasn't Jericho, conservationists are still upset that yet another giant cat has fallen victim to a poacher.

"The issue here is that animals are being lured out of the par," said Rodriguez. "These animals are being shot as trophies."

Now another American doctor is accused of illegally killing a lion. Pittsburgh gynecologist oncologist Jan Seski is a longtime game hunter. Zimbabwean investigators say when he killed a lion in April, he did it without permission. His guides now face poaching charges, as do those who helped Palmer kill Cecil. Calls for the dentist's extradition are growing louder; more than 237,000 people signed a White House petition calling for Palmer to be sent to Zimbabwe to face the law.