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New allegations claims former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle paid for sex with teen

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ZIONSVILLE, IN - The FBI is keeping mum on what they found after raiding Jared Fogle's home last month, but the Busines Insider claims they've seen text messages allegedly sent from Fogle that prove he paid a 16-year-old girl $100 to have sex with her.

The Insider claims they made contact with a lawyer who's representing a women who used to own Subway franchises. The lawyer claims his client had an intimate relationship with Fogle and it was through that relationship she became familiar with Fogle's sexual habits.

The woman’s lawyer also claims, Fogle asked her to post ads on Craigslist seeking another individual to have sex with in the hopes that Fogle could watch them in the act.

The Business Insider says they’ve seen the text message transcripts that date back to 2008. The former franchise owner alleges she told Subway about Fogle and his dirty requests years ago but her concerns fell on deaf ears. She even says she told Subway executives he needed to be kept away from young children.

Subway says they have no record of this so called complaint. The company ended their nearly 20-year relationship with Fogle last month after the federal government raided his home.