Soldier and dog are reunited and it feels so good

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HOUSTON - It's a wish U.S. Army Staff Sargeant Alex Brown thought would never become a reality.

"It`s unbelievable  I never thought I`d see her again.Today is really special."

Specially trained military dog, Gilek, is reunited with her handler in a war-free zone.

"We spent every day together so I spent a lot of time with her. We went on a mission every day or we were training and when we weren`t we were spending time together. We had a really strong bond. So, it was really sad when I couldn`t` find her, I didn`t know where she was or what she was doing."

After more than a year and half together sniffing out bombs in the Afghan desert, Brown and Gilek were separated upon returning home.

Kristen Maurer with Mission K9 Rescue says, "We got a call that the dogs had been left in a kennel after deploying to Afghanistan...were left in a kennel, Mount  Hopes Kennels in Virgina for 17 months and they needed help. So, that`s when we kind of got on it at that point."

It turns out Sgt. Brown wasn't the only soldier searching for his war buddy.

Maurer adds,  "These guys have been searching for their dogs for so long and it`s heartbreaking that they`ve been sitting in a kennel this whole time when they could have been retired with their handler."

But none of those what ifs were on display during their reunion, Instead, it was about not wasting another second.

Nancy Brown says, "It`s overwhelming to see them together again."

Alex says, "To have this opportunity to take her home and let her be a part of my family is really unbelievable."

Nancy sums it up, "She`s the perfect dog!"