Your kitchen sink may be as nasty as your toilet

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When you think of germs around your house, the first place that probably comes to mind is your toilet and other areas of the bathroom.

Well, apparently the kitchen ranks up there with the “germiest” places in the house.

“We can rinse raw meat into the kitchen sink and rinse the soil off root vegetables into the sink and we also leave plates with food on sometimes even overnight,” said Dr. Sharon Bergquist, an assistant professor of medicine at Emory University.

Do you do this? Cut raw meat on a cutting board, then use the same cutting board for veggies? A lot of people use the same sponges for their dishes, that they use to clean the counters and sinks. That just spreads around the germs.

So just how do you get those nasty bacteria to stay away?

Try washing your hands, like your mama told you to do.

Also, keep counter surfaces clean.

A third way is to remember that germs spread from surface to surface, so you may want to use different cutting boards for raw meats and for vegetables.

You may also want to use different sponges for counter tops and dishes.

About 99 percent of those little buggers are not harmful, and can actually be good for us. But those pesky one-percenters can make you real sick and even real dead. And that’s some real serious food for thought.