Authorities seize 600 lbs. of ivory

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ZURICH, SWITZERLAND - People have been all fired up lately over the American dentist who traveled to Zimbabwe then hunted and killed Cecil the lion. Some more controversial "dental work" is calling attention to the scourge of big game poaching.

Customs officials at Switzerland's Zurich airport seized nearly 600 pounds of elephant ivory stuffed into eight suitcases. The tusks had been sawed into chunks to fit into the luggage. Officials also found more than two pounds of lion fangs and claws with the ivory.

Authorities say the contraband was being smuggled by three Chinese citizens on their way to Asia from Tanzania, but it's not clear if they will face poaching charges.

It's all part of a growing demand for animal products like elephant tusk and rhino horn in Asia. Traditional eastern medicine believes they have healing properties, and the goods could be worth as much as $400,000 on the black market.

Here's a prescription to keep these incredible animals on the planet: stop killing them for profit.