Baby killed after mom’s car collides with 18-wheeler

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TOMBALL, TX - Investigators say charges could be filed against the driver of an 18-wheeler who parked his truck in a moving lane of the Tomball Parkway.

Around 1 p.m. Monday, a Hyundai ran into the back of the truck. The crash killed a 9-month-old boy and sent his mother and brother to the hospital.

"We're going to file the highest criminal charge the DA`s office wants to take to the grand jury, so we`re not going to cite for any traffic violations at this time due to the fact we might have some kind of negligent criminal charges on the driver," said DPS Sgt. Terry Barnhill.

The crash shutdown the northbound lanes of Hwy. 249 at Lazy Wood for nearly an hour. There's no update on the condition of the baby's mother and brother.