Doctors amputate leg of man trapped in escalator in China

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SHANGHAI, CHINA –  What’s going on with those Chinese escalators?

There’s been another tragic accident. This time in Shanghai.

State-run media say a 35-year-old man got trapped when the escalator’s floor panels opened up.

Security shows the man apparently stepping on a cloth to clean the escalator. That’s when the panels gave way, trapping his lower leg.

Rescuers got him out, but his leg was so mangled that doctors at the hospital had to amputate it below the calf.

Investigators say he was supposed to have shut down the escalator before cleaning it.

A week or so earlier, a young mother carrying her two-year-old son fell through the floor.

She pushed her son to safety before disappearing into the machinery where she died.

The Chinese government says 37 people died last year in escalator or elevator accidents, but only eight died because of equipment problems.