Ex-Ferguson cop Darren Wilson speaks out

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NEW YORK, NY – Ex-Ferguson, Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson spent several days with a New Yorker reporter back in March. Now, the magazine's 20-page spread on him is out, and it doesn't look so good for the 29-year-old former cop.

"Darren Wilson is no racist, I know him well. I think the article misrepresents who he is,” says Jeff Roorda, with the St. Louis Police Officer’s Association.

In the article, Wilson says he doesn't think of Michael Brown as a person because "it doesn't matter at this point."

He admitted to not having read the Justice Department's report on systematic racism in Ferguson, saying he's "not going to keep living in the past."

As for the ongoing issues in Ferguson, Wilson says race is not the problem. But there is a "lack of initiative to get a job" in the city, and the youth are "running in the streets", "not worried about working in the morning."

As for his work, Wilson has not been able to land a new police job. He says he's been haunted by death threats.