Office air conditioning settings might be sexist

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HOUSTON, TX - And you thought the Cold War was long over. This battle is raging right now and in practically every office and work space across our country. No, the fight has nothing to do with our job's political "climate". But it does have to do with its temperature! Guys seem to like the office A/C "cooler" and gals seem to want it "warmer".

Of course, this temperature debate is nothing new. But a recent study conducted at Cornell University has the thermostat talk heating up again. Researchers say most modern-day building's A/C settings follow a "thermal comfort model" developed in the 1960's. Number crunchers concocted a ridiculous looking equation with the typical office worker at the time, in mind; a middle-aged male weighing about 154 pounds with plenty of hair and muscle to keep him warm. They determined the magic number to keep a man happy is 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Today more woman in the workforce mean the heat is on to make things equal. Since women tend to wear dresses, made with thinner material than a man's suit, many are saying this 72 degrees Fahrenheit setting is sexist. So if you want your female coworkers to stop giving you the cold shoulder, raise the A/C. She's probably not mad. She's just freezing!