Spanning the globe for news about the water world

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HOLIDAY, FL – NewsFix is spanning the globe for a look at some of the world’s wicked weather.

Dateline: Holiday, Florida. No, this wasn’t a big, dirty Jacuzzi. It was a swimming pool. One day it was in the ground, the next it was above the ground. The area has been hit hard by heavy rains, and somehow the pool popped out. Looks like no holiday fun in holiday for a while.

Dateline: Tampa, FLorida. It may look like Houston after a brief summer shower, but it’s not. It’s where about 18 inches of rain have fallen in the past two weeks, forcing residents of some subdivisions to leave their homes. And we know what that’s like.

Dateline: Macedonia, where flash floods and mudslides hit villages, killing four people, two of them children. Two people are missing and around a dozen people were hurt.

Dateline: India, where floods in recent days killed at least 178 people. The government says the floods and heavy rains have affected 10 million people, about the population of Georgia, USA. Overflowing dams are expected to make the situation worse.

Dateline: Vietnam, where some areas have received between 35 and 46 inches of rain this past week. That’s three to four feet. At least 22 people have died, and more rain is on the way.

Dateline: China, our last stop, and the last stop for some drivers who had the road fall out from beneath them recently. Heavy rains and rushing water washed out the land under the road. No one died, and one vehicle was rescued to drive another day.