Another fixed pothole that needs to be re-repaired

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HOUSTON - There's yet another tire cruncher that has previously been repaired but came back to life. Today's Pothole Of The Day is located on Bellaire near Bissonnet, in the City of Bellaire.

Jose Duran said, "You always keep on bumping, my truck keeps on moving back and forth. My load goes back and forth. Potholes are bad in Houston."

Bellaire sees plenty of traffic, as drivers make every effort to avoid hitting this ditch, unfortunately, not all are successful.

"It's really bad because sometimes you're coming up, you can't swerve back and forth because you don't know if there's a car next to you or behind you and then you see a big pothole, so what are you going to do?" added Duran.

So tires keep smashing into the split in the road.

Take a wild guess as to what he's asking for.

"Fix the potholes ASAP!" implored Duran.