Man & uncle shot during attempted robbery in driveway

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HOUSTON, TX - Two suspects are on the run after trying to rob two men while they were sitting in their own driveway.

Around 10:45 p.m. Tuesday, Kenny Redding and his uncle were sitting in an SUV in front of their northeast Houston home when two masked men walked up. The suspects pulled out guns and demanded everything the victims had. When that turned out to be nothing, one of the suspects shot the older man in the thigh, then the two ran off. That's when Redding says he took off after them.

"I was chasing 'em. I was probably doing 60 around here," said Redding. "I didn't even stop at a stop sign, I just kept going. "

He finally did stop when the suspects fired four shots at him, one of which hit his SUV. His uncle is expected to be OK.