Blue Bell plant in Alabama given green light to begin production

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SYLACAUGA, AL - Blue Bell's been out of commission since April, thanks to those listeria outbreaks, but all that's changing.

A Blue Bell production plant in Sylacauga, Alabama has been testing products since early July and says it's ready to roll, sort of.

The facility and state health officials didn't find any ice cream that wouldn't meet standards.  So, official ice cream production has begun.

Blue Bell says no distribution plans have been finalized, so that means there's no official date with our favorite flavors just yet. No word if ice cream from the Alabama facility will end up Texas.

Also, no word on when the Brenham facility will get scooping back into action. Patience is a virtue. So don't have a meltdown. It's only a matter of time before they're all back in business.