Group wants Confederate flag banned . . . in Canada

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ATLANTA, GA – Cops in Atlanta want to know who the identities of a couple of yahoos. Not because they’re walking around the middle of the night. It’s because they’re trying to stir up some trouble.

Police say they put out four Confederate flags at the Ebenezer Baptist Church and the Martin Luther King Junior Visitor Center. Cops aren’t calling it a hate crime just yet, but the guys could face charges ranging from littering to terroristic threats.

The Confederate flag of the South isn’t finding a lot of love up north, either. And by up north we mean Nova Scotia.

And by Nova Scotia, we mean Canada.

It all started when activist Lynn Jones saw a Confederate flag on a truck in her hometown. She says seeing the flag made her shocked, appalled, shaky, and afraid.

“Well I have a right to live in a society that's not racist, and that does not carry these symbols,” she said.

Members of a citizens group want the flag outlawed along with everything they consider symbols of white supremacy. But not everyone in Nova Scotia agrees, like Wayne MacKay, a university law professor. “While I'm totally sympathetic to this cause, you are talking about limiting free expression, and free expression is not often tasteful."

The group wants the flag banned everywhere in Canada, not just Nova Scotia.

We’re pretty sure Dudley Do-Right will get right on that.