Houston ranks second for the city with the most cockroaches

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HOUSTON, TX - Many know Houston as the "Bayou City". But we might need to start calling it the "Bug City" after reading this. According to the U.S. Census Bureau (yeah, guess they count bugs too!) H-Town came in second, after Tampa, for the city with the most cockroaches! But why are these creepy crawlies calling Houston home?

According to Erin Mills, entomologist at the Cockrell Butterfly Center at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, "It's pretty basic. It's our climate. We have a very hot, very humid climate and it's a very favorable environment for many insects. But since cockroaches are so adaptable and so plentiful, they really like it here." Gross, right?! but experts say this bug just gets a bad rap. Mills says, "They're not harmful. They're not dirty. Cockroaches themselves are very clean, but when they are introduced to human environments, they can pick up microbes and other things that they can spread around."

That's something that exterminator Tony Esposito, aka The Bug Reaper, knows all about. Esposito says, "They drop an egg capsule every 28 days with 40 babies. So if you've got 10 female roaches dropping an egg capsule every month, you've got 400 roaches a month. The babies start having babies. One pair of roaches left alone can be 16 million in one years time."

So Houston has "a lot" of roaches. At least someone is happy about that.

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