It’s National Underwear Day, but Lenny Kravitz chooses to go commando

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HOUSTON, TX - Briefs, boxers, panties… what would we do without underwear?  Well, plenty of things, but that's not the point: the point is today is National Underwear Day, an opportunity to embrace your body, feel confident and  if you go to work that way, get fired.

The holiday was established as an unofficial celebration in 2003, on the 20th anniversary of the movie Risky Business.  The idea has grown in popularity ever since.  To mark the date, every major city features running events and fun parties where people can brag about their muscles, flat bellies, curves or just their lack of prejudices.

But some people choose not to use underwear, and musician Lenny Kravitz is one of them.  The rocker was performing in Sweden when his leather pants ripped and his mini kravitz started singing a cappella for the world to see.  A day in "Pop!" music.   Either way, Lenny's buddy had his fifteen minutes of fame and everyone is tweeting about it: if you go Kravitz, they say, you never go… what was the rest of it?

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