Man hit by his own car during road rage incident, becomes a flying grandfather

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HEMET, CA – Here’s a story of a flying grandfather that may disturb some viewers, especially the way it happened.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, just another cell phone video of a couple of guys fighting. Yes, but no.

What began as a case of road rage in Hemet, California turned into an assault with a deadly weapon, and a flying grandfather bouncing off the hood of a car going 30 miles an hour. And it was his car.

Yeah, 53-year-old Tracy Leavitt was hit by his own car stolen by a second punk involved in the argument.

Leavitt's wife, Sabine won’t watch the video because it shows how close she came to losing the man she loves. "No. I can't watch it but I heard it’s pretty graphic."

Police found Leavitt on the pavement, alive, but seriously injured and unable to move.

From the video, it looks like one guy tosses something into the back of the pickup before speeding away.

The two guys are still on the run, which is something Leavitt won’t be doing for a while.

But, at least he survived to tell about the day he became the flying grandpa.