Nebraska man gets 5 years in prison for brutal attack on teen after road-rage incident

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POTTAWATTAMIE COUNTY, NE – What may seem like some of the ultraviolence from the 1971 Stanley Kubrick classic film A Clockwork Orange, is really some real life road rage in Nebraska from back in April.

A video of the incident shows only part of what happened. A 15-year-old boy regaining consciousness after Ryan Linehan choked him and knocked him out. And then, as the kid was coming to, Linehan delivered a savage kick to his head.

It happened after Linehan cut off the teen’s pick up truck and hit it. Linehan attacked the kid when the teen pulled over to exchange insurance information.

Linehan agreed to a deal that will put him away for five years, half of what he could have received if he had gone to trial.

Amy Zacharias is an Assistant Pottawattamie County Attorney. “The victim is on the ground. He stands over him. He starts to walk away and then comes back and does what I would call a soccer kick to the victim's head. His hat goes flying and the kid's on the ground again. It was vicious."

He’ll also have to pay for all the teen’s medical expenses. He may also pay in other ways over the next five years. A boot in his face could be the least of his worries.