California cop pulls his weapon at unarmed homeowner with a cell phone

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ROHNERT PARK, CA – Yipee yi-o ki-a! Looks like Quick Draw McGraw is alive and well and living in Rohnert Park, CA.

Don McComas was loading his boat in his driveway in July when a police officer drove up to the house.

After a few minutes, McComas started recording the officer who got his phone and starts recording McComas.

At that point, the officer got out of his cruiser and pulled out his weapon.


Officer: “Sir, take you hand out of your pocket.

McComas: “No sir, I've done nothing. I’ve done absolutely nothing. No.”

Officer: “Seriously.”

McComas: “Put your gun down. Really?”


The officer, with gun drawn, told McComas again to take his hand out of his pocket.  McComas complied, and took items out of his pocket and put them on his car.


McComas asked why the officer is at his house and if he’s being charged with anything.

McComas: “Are you accusing me of a crime? Are you suspecting me of a crime."
Officer: "If I did I would arrest you."


The officer finally left after telling McComas to have a nice day and to put the video on YouTube.

Darrin Jenkins is the Rohnert Park city manager. We're going to look at our protocols to make sure we're ensuring the safety of the community and our officers."

One place the city could start would be to figure out when, if ever, it’s ok for an officer can pull his weapon on a man armed with a cell phone.