Theft suspect tries to chew off fingerprints to avoid being ID’d

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LEE COUNTY, FL – Sometimes fingerprints are all investigators have to tie a suspect to other crimes. Clearly, Kenzo Roberts knew that well. He had a couple felony warrants when he was arrested for theft down in Lee County, Fla. Not wanting deputies to make the connection, he went about severing his connection — with his fingerprints.

Video from a patrol car shows Roberts gnawing off the tips of his fingers. He even rubs his hands against the cage bars in the back to try to scrape off the skin.

After all that pain and effort, it didn’t work; deputies were able to run Roberts’ prints and ID him, quickly finding those warrants for aggravated assault. He now also faces charges of grand theft auto, possession of a counterfeit credit card and possession of a concealed firearm, not to mention his recovery time.

Roberts’ idiotic and painful effort to dodge the cops makes him our Dumbass of the Day.

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