Community members gather for rally of “Remembrance and Response” at Waller County Jail

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HEMPSTEAD, TX - Hundreds of people gathered outside the Waller County Jail on Sunday for a "Remembrance and Response" rally.

Sunday marked a year since Michael Brown's death in Ferguson, Missouri.

"Black lives matter, and we're going to make sure the world understands that we've got to change the system that causes black lives to be wasted needlessly," U.S. Congressman Al Green said at the event.

Community activist Deric Muhammad added, "Michael Brown and Sandra Bland were bitten by the same snake. Michael Brown and Sandra Bland were both victims of the same system of injustice, that's been dealing injustice to our people for 460 years in the United States of America."

Muhammad asked participants to push for an economic boycott of Waller County.

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