Dashcam video records terrifying tornado in Taiwan

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TAINAN CITY, TAIWAN - We're in the middle of hurricane season, but it's been nice and quiet in the Gulf of Mexico. The same cannot be said for the other side of the world. Typhoon Soudelor slammed into southeastern China and Taiwan over the weekend, wreaking havoc on cities and small towns. At least 24 people are dead and nearly 200,000 people evacuated from the region.

One city in northern Taiwan saw a wind gust of 130 mph, while other parts were drenched with 40 inches of rain in just two days. Venturing outside during the equivalent of a category-3 hurricane is the last thing you should do. Dashcam video out of Tainan City, Taiwan shows why.

A tornado picks up a small, white car and tosses it down the street like a toy! The people in the car with the dashcam weren't hurt, but the driver gets out and checks on a random person sitting on the side of the road. The white car that seemingly disappeared reappeared in a ditch down the street. No telling what happened to that driver.

Typhoon Soudelor was one of the strongest storms on earth this year, and the tenth one to hit the West Pacific Basin.

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