Different types of sacrifice shows the good and the bad of parenting

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In Dubai, a father reportedly let his 20-year-old daughter drown instead of allowing lifeguards to save her! And he did so, all because he didn't want her to be dishonored by getting touched by male rescuers!

Police say he told the men that he'd prefer his daughter be dead than be touched by strange men. He even got violent with them when they tried to help.

Unfortunately, he got exactly what he wanted, and as a result, he was arrested and his daughter lost her life.

Meanwhile, a couple who didn't make the best plans may have made the ultimate sacrifice for their child.

A French mother and father who died while hiking in a New Mexico desert is credited with keeping their 9-year-old son alive by giving him extra water.

Ornella Steiner, 51, and David Steiner, 42,  were found dead from heat-related exhaustion off a hiking trail about 226 miles from Albuquerque. Officials say they likely didn't realize the effects the 100-degree heat would have.

They only carried a small amount of water and it's believed they would each take one sip of water, while making their son drink double that. That sacrifice likely saved his life.

The boy was found dehydrated next to his father's body and apparently didn't know that his mom had already died.

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