Chelsea Manning could face indefinite isolation for Caitlyn Jenner magazine

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FT. LEAVENWORTH, KS - Already serving a 35-year sentence, Chelsea Manning could face infinite solitary confinement, according to her lawyers. The transgender Army private was convicted of espionage in 2013 after releasing 700,000 classified and sensitive federal documents to Wikileaks. But now she's accused of disrespect, disorderly conduct, prohibited property and medicine misuse.

Website BoingBoing claims it has the "actual charges, word for word, from the Army." On July 2, Manning allegedly swept food off a table and almost hit a corrections officer; that's the disorderly conduct charge. The disrespect accusation followed when that officer interviewed Manning, who asked for a lawyer. A week later, a search of Manning's cell turned up an expired tube of toothpaste, apparently medicine misuse. That "prohibited property" included several books and magazines, such as the memoir "I am Malala" and the Vanity Fair issue with Caitlyn Jenner on the cover.

Manning's attorneys call the charges "utterly ridiculous" and say the publications and toothpaste were in her cell legally. The maximum penalty for those charges is indefinite solitary confinement. A disciplinary hearing will be held on Aug. 18 when Manning will find out just how long he'll spend in isolation.

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