Study suggests most women would rather date dark-haired men

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LAS VEGAS, NV - What do women want?  Another mystery of the universe.  But here's a hint of what, apparently, they do not want for a date: blonde men.

Calm down, Brad Pitts of the world!  Thanks to Hollywood, you're always gonna be the objects of fantasies and desire.  But according to the dating site "", when it comes to serious dating, and not just a summer fling, women would rather date guys with brown hair.  Tall, dark and handsome, as the saying goes.

The website suggests golden boys don't get as many dates as the other breeds of stallions, including red-haired dudes, and the stereotypes of the blonde guy as a player might have something to do with this.   Go figure.

Now, what do guys want?  That's easy, you might say: "guys just want true love."   Sure.  Let's keep it classy.

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