150 reptiles rescued from home in Toronto

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INDIAN RIVER, ONTARIO - We are familiar with alligator shoes, crocodile purses, snake-skin boots, and belts. But a Toronto man is familiar with about 150 gators and crocodiles living in his home. Some of them measured more than nine feet long.

It is hard to believe, but he has been collecting them for about 10 years but they finally became overwhelming and too much to handle.

He contacted the professionals at the Indian River Reptile Zoo to haul them away to a sanctuary, and he promised to make a monetary donation, too.

Bry Loyst with the Indian River Reptile Zoo says, "What do you do when it gets large? It's just, most zoos can't accommodate animals like that. So it's not something that should be kept as pets."

Surprisingly, animal services never received any complaints about the reptiles at the home. But, it is illegal to own such large reptiles in the city of Toronto