Josh Duggar apologizes for trolling for cheating sex on Ashley Madison site

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TORONTO, CANADA –   Ashley Madison, the Toronto-based online site where “alleged” no-good, lyin’, and cheatin’ spouses can meet each other, may have claimed its first celebrity adulterer.

Josh Duggar, that former reality TV star and admitted molester of little girls, seems to have been a member of two Ashley Madison sites for more than two years.

This week, a group of hackers seemed to have made good on their promise from last month to dump millions of files they stole from Ashley Madison servers. The hackers posted 36 million email addresses for 33 million accounts around the world.

The online site Gawker claims to have found a Duggar account with a billing address that matches his grandmother’s house in Arkansas.

That Duggar was looking for a stylish and classy woman who didn’t stink, who had natural breasts and a love nest, and who enjoyed experimenting with sex toys, one-night stands, and bubble baths for two.

Duggar released an apology on the Duggar Family News Web site where he admits to being the biggest hypocrite ever.

He said he is ashamed of his double life, and that he’s grieved for the hurt, pain, and disgrace his sin has caused his wife and family.

Not to mention the loss of the family’s TV show, and the prospect that his old man will have to go out and earn a real living to pay for those 19 kids and counting.

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