Violent protests in St. Louis after police shoot and kill an African-American man with a gun

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ST. LOUIS, MO – Another St. Louis police shooting of an African-American man has led to yet another violent confrontation between police and protesters.

During the day Wednesday, police were serving a warrant when two young men ran out of the back of the house.

Police say when they ordered them to stop, one of the men pointed a gun at one of the officers who then shot and killed him.

The other guy got away.

That led to protesters pouring into the street, police confronting them. Police say the protesters would leave, only to return when the officers left.

Protesters marched onto Interstate 70, blocking it before returning to the intersection where the shooting took place.

Responding officers became targets for bottles and bricks thrown at them by protesters.

Police released a video from the perspective of the cops, showing the bottles coming at them and the officers moving forward with raised shields and sticks.

Eventually, cops fired tear gas into the crowd.

Police made nine arrests. One business was vandalized and a car was torched.

But regardless of who’s to blame, the fact is that the St. Louis area is starting to look like some foreign country in the middle of a revolt.

And that’s a revolting idea on its own.

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