Houston’s cheatin’ hearts puts city at #2 in Ashley Madison memberships

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HOUSTON – Hey, Houston, you’re #2!

Yeah, Bayou City cheaters made Houston the number two city in the nation for membership on the Ashley Madison online site where cheating partners can find other cheating partners.

Don’t worry San Antonio and Dallas, your lyin’ and cheatin’ put you in the top 20, with the Alamo City at # 18 and Big D right behind at # 19.

If you haven’t been keeping up, hackers broke into the Ashley Madison servers and posted info on more than 30 million cheaters and wannabes.

The second info dump this week includes internal Ashley Madison emails and the computer code that powers the site.

As you would expect, the nation’s capital is well-represented by employees in the White House, cabinet departments, the House, and the Senate.

Some apparently thought they could hide behind prepaid credit cards, but then they trolled for sex partners on their government computers.

If you’re wondering what state has the most cheatin’ hearts, well, that would be Alabama, in terms of dollars spent per person. That’s according to people with too much time on their hands.

Texans hit the # 16 spot, probably thanks to the horny hunters in Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas.

The folks in West Virginia brought up the rear, coming in at #50, right behind Mississippi, which always seems to be near the last in just about everything.

Of course, those numbers could change as cheaters get in that last fling before divorce.