North Korea ready to go to war with South Korea over really loud speakers

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PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA – The winds of war are picking up on the Korean Peninsula.

North Korean media say their diminutive despot, Li’l Kim Jong Un, has placed his front-line troops in a “semi-war state” and told the rest of his military to be “fully battle-ready to launch surprise operations.”

Those orders came after Li’l Kim called an emergency meeting of the central military commission.

Ji Jae Ryong, North Korea’s ambassador to China, said the situation is inching close to the brink of war due to the continued anti-North Korean political and military provocations by the US imperialists and the South Korean Pacific forces.

South Korean president Park visited the headquarters of the Third Army as her country prepares for more hostile activity from the North.

Earlier this month, landmine explosions injured two South Korean soldiers along the demilitarized zone separating the two Koreas.

South Korea accused North Korea of deliberately planting the mines on a patrol route, a conclusion also reached by the US led United Nations Command that monitors the 62-year-old truce that was supposed to bring about a cease-fire in the so-called conflict that started in 1950.

South Korea responded to the mine blasts by using giant speakers to blast propaganda into North Korea, which always sets Li’l Kim’s hair on fire.

And both sides lobbed artillery shells at each other, but didn’t hit anything except the ground.

Li’l Kim and his Beastly Boyz have given South Korea until 5 p.m.  Saturday to turn off the loudspeakers or else his Boyz would blow them up.

And that could blow those winds of war into a full-blown firestorm.