The truth revealed: how often couples have sex, fight and go on dates

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EMMAUS, PA - Now let's have a deep conversation about sex, or a quick one if that's what you're in the mood for.   Women's Health magazine asked 1,000 readers how often they have sex, fight and go on dates with their significant others.

These are probably the kinds of things you've been wondering all along about your friends and neighbors, but you were to shy to ask.  So, here's a couple of numbers you can use to compare.

  • 30% of interviewees fight or argue once a week
  • 22% once a month
  • 51% said they have sex once a week
  • 21% once a day… liars
  • 4% claim to have sex every day, more than once a day.  Go figure.
  • 29% of respondents said they go on dates once a week.  The rest is probably waiting for their kids to go to college.

And speaking of quickies… just one day after the so-called female Viagra got the FDA's approval, maker Sprout Pharmaceuticals accepted $1 billion takeover.  Oh, God!  Who said money can't buy an orgasm.