Wheels on Oklahoma school bus fall off while taking students to school

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Apparently some students in Oklahoma ride the bus until the wheels come off.  They went round and round, alright.  Right off the bus.

It happened in Oklahoma City where a school bus taking several students to school lost it's rear axle right in the street.

The Oklahoma City Public School District says a bolt failed on the new 2016 Freightliner Thomas C-2 model bus, causing the axle to fall off.

"I think what happened this morning is something is very rare and more than likely just a very random rare incident that occurred," said Mark Myers, Director of Media Relations for Oklahoma City Public Schools.

The district is looking into at least 14 other buses of the same kind to make sure more things don't fall apart.

Reportedly, the bus driver hurt a knee, but none of the students were injured, thankfully.  We'll see if they can keep things together the rest of the school year.