Caught on camera: Florida escort reveals self to judge

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BROWARD COUNTY, FL - Whoever said county bond court was boring has never spent time in Judge John Hurley's Florida Courtroom. What began as routine G-rated questioning of Susan Marie Surrette, who was arrested for disorderly intoxication, gradually took on an R-rating.

Audio from court: "I work. (Judge) "What do you do for work? (Surrette) I work as a hair dresser."

As it turns out, being a hairdresser is just her day job.

Audio from court: "You're also what? (Surrette) Kayla Kupcakes. I'm an escort too."

That's right, she's an escort and has the website to prove it.

She calls herself Kayla Kupcakes. Porn star, escort and private dancer, but that's not was not the biggest bombshell. She began telling the judge about police brutality, and it became a show and tell, if you will.

Audio from court: "I've been beaten up by police.

(Judge) The police also.

(Surette) And also this too. [reveals her bossom]

(Judge) Oh, my lord."

The judge kept his cool, setting bond at $100. Fortunately, Kayla covered her, ahem, kupcakes, and court is adjourned!


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