Autistic boy dies after being found in hot car

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BURLESON, TX - Monday marks the start of a new school year in Texas, but in Burleson, just south of Fort Worth, one kindergartener's chair sits empty. Five-year-old Zachary Elsharrawy died Sunday afternoon, after he wondered out of his family's home and into a hot car.

The autistic boy had a history of running off, so for more than an hour his father, police and neighbors checked all the usual spots. Little did they know, Zachary was just feet away sitting inside the family's car.

"I don't know how I'm going to live," said Zachary's father Derek Elshaarawy, "but it's terrible. He was my only one child."

Zachary's father says they hadn't driven the car in months, so it was the last place he thought his son would go. A police officer found Zachary unresponsive. He died in the E.R.

"It breaks my heart actually," said neighbor Heidi Brown, "I have a daughter about the same age as him. I can't imagine--the worst nightmare."

According to, 15 children have died this year in hot cars, four of them in the Lone Star State.

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