Couple claims to have found lost Nazi gold

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WALBRZYCH, POLAND - A European castle, a secret tunnel, and a lost train filled with stolen treasure. It is not a Hollywood film script, but a real-life mystery dating back more than half a century.

Two men in Poland claim they have found a fabled German-Nazi train that, according to legend, disappeared in Poland toward the end of World War II. Rumor has it, the train carried off looted gems and guns as the Soviet Army closed in on the Nazis at the end of the war. The story goes that the train entered a tunnel near the city of Walbzrych, and its local castle, but was never seen again.

A lawyer representing the pair who made the discovery says they are not treasure hunters or attention seekers. The German and Polish men who made the discovery wish to remain anonymous and won't reveal where the train is, until they are guaranteed to receive ten percent of the treasure's value.

Local authorities warn that the train could be booby-trapped with mines.

Hopefully the two men are telling the truth, and this legend of stolen gold can have a silver lining when the loot gets returned.

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