Man jumps in lake to flee from deadly wildfire

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OKANOGAN COUNTY, WA - It's a decision many families living on the west coast have been forced to make. Leave everything behind and get to safety, or stay and try to protect their homes from wildfires. The deadly Okanogan Complex Fire is one of several wildfires in Washington state. It's burned more than 227,000 acres and continues to grow.

Despite nearby homes turning to scorched rubble, one man refused to evacuate and it nearly cost him his life. Mark Desdier owns a cabin on Emerald Lake in Washington state. He watched the flames form a circle around him. He didn't have a car, just a four-wheeler, and he knew he wouldn't be safe riding that. So, his only other option was to jump! Thanks to his quick thinking in the heat of the moment, Desdier's leap of faith saved his life.

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