Texans name Hoyer as starting quarterback

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HOUSTON - It's one of the most important decisions Houston has been waiting for. No, we're not talking about what they're gonna do with the crusty ol' Astrodome. We're talking about what's gonna happen next door at NRG this season, and it looks like Brian Hoyer can go ahead and tell everybody "he's the man." Coach Bill O'Brien has named #7 the Texans' starting quarterback.

"This was a very tough decision, said O'Brien, "but that's why Bob McNair pays me what he pays me, to make tough decisions as far as who's playing on the field."

Hoyer battled Ryan Mallett for the top spot during training camp and it looks like his six-year NFL experience gave him the edge he needed.

"There's been a lot of hard work that goes into this, and I think Ryan and I both competed very hard," said Hoyer.

"In the end, I thought that Brian showed me the most consistency, the most composure in certain situations, the experience in our system, all those different things that go into the fact that I think he's ready to be our starter."

"It's just the beginning," said Hoyer, "being the starter today doesn't mean that anything's going to be given to me. I have to go out and earn it everyday. It's an honor and privilege to be able to do that."

While Hoyer looked pretty good in the preseason, fans are anxious to see how he'll perform when it really counts.

"Hopefully, he can be good enough for the job because they need somebody to take this franchise to the next level, said Keith Harris, "John Madden used to say, 'you got two quarterbacks that's competing for one position, that usually means you don't have a good quarterback altogether.'"

In his six years, Hoyer has passed for 4,557 yards, with 19 touchdowns and 19 interceptions (yikes!)

"They all understand that this is a results-oriented business, and that's the way it is everyday in here," said O'Brien.

With a 76.8 QB rating, he and the rest of the team will need to step it up a few notches in order to give fans what they want--lots of W's and a trip to Super Bowl 50.

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