Trooper shoots, kills wanted man at Walmart

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NORTH EAST, MD - If you're wanted by police, going out in public is a risk, and for one Maryland man, it was the last mistake he ever made. Charles Hall, 30, wanted for theft, was in a Walmart parking lot when a state trooper just happened to drive by and recognize him.

Police say trooper Daryl Brackett, a three-year veteran of the force, stopped and tried to arrest Hall. Hall allegedly began fighting with the trooper, and at some point got into his car and tried to drive away. During the struggle, the trooper fired his pistol, striking Hall in the torso. He died at the scene. A witness caught the aftermath on his cell phone, including a distraught woman claiming to be Hall's wife.

"He was not armed! He was not f****** armed! You killed my husband you piece of s***!"

Bewildered bystanders can be heard talking in the background.

"All this is going to be big time here," says one man, "this is going to be worse than the other ones."

The trooper is on administrative leave. According to court records, Hall was serving three-years probation after pleading guilty to stealing from a Walmart. He was also ordered to 'stay out of all Walmarts'--a command he probably should have taken seriously.

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