Each state’s most frequently misspelled word

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HOUSTON, TX - It’s time for the show that makes you feel dumber than you really are. It’s time to “misspell that word.” The American Spelling Bee-havior trends brought to you by the search engine Google.

Over the last 12 months, Google took notice of what words people in states spell wrong the most. Topping the list is the word grey. According to Google, 12 states got it wrong, spelling the color g-r-e-y instead of g-r-a-y. (Blame 50 shades for that).

Wyoming is “jelous”. Utah has a problem with being “awnry”(ornery). Three states are “canceled”(cancelled). Wisconsin loves “chiwawas” (chihuahuas). And Hawaii thinks “pterodactyls” are making a comeback.

It’s not “diarrhea” of the mouth, thanks Arkansas, and don’t get “frusterated” (frustrated) like Maine.

But here in Texas the most common misspelled word is “beautiful”. So “relax” West Virginia. As New York and New Jersey enjoy “Hanukka” (we would have also accepted Chanukah).

Maybe it’s time for someone to Google the word dictionary.