Jeb Bush backpedals on ‘anchor baby’ comment

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WILDWOOD, MO - Is The Donald smooth like butter? One Missouri woman thinks so. She saw his face in a tub of butter!

Trump's in all of our faces, which is probably why he was called out by a reporter for using the term, 'anchor baby.' He had no apologies, folks. However, Jeb Bush's campaign, it seems, has been derailed by the use of the same term, which he said last week in an interview with conservative radio host Bill Bennett. Some say the term is offensive to Latinos.

Cue the apology tour.

"What I was talking about, was the specific case of fraud being committed where there's organized efforts, and frankly it's more related to Asian people," he explained while on a border tour in McAllen, Texas.

That angered people, too, so Bush backpedaled even further, citing his Hispanic wife.

"I'm married to a Mexican-American United States citizen," Bush said at a town hall meeting in Colorado, " I'm immersed in the culture."

If Trump's taught us anything, it's never apologize, never explain. Maybe the real problem is that all this political correctness is getting in the way of discussing the issues.