A Katy pothole causing problems for drivers

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KATY, TX - Potholes exist even outside Houston's city limits.

Today's Pothole Of The Day is on Mason Rd, at Provincial, in the Katy area of West Harris County.

Win Edwards explained, "I first noticed it last Friday or maybe Saturday morning, I was driving along and I drive a Tundra truck, and got concerned about running over this thing and did a swervy action."

The road is falling apart in this section of mason with debris scattered all around.

"It was what I considered a sizable hole in the cement right by a junction in front of a fairly major intersection in Katy here," added Edwards.

Drivers try to avoid it but unfortunately, many can't help but smack right through it, as the damage in the road just seems to get worse.

This time, the plea goes out to Harris county.

"Please get out because I think somebody is going to go and hurt themselves on it. Especially there are a lot of bicycles that ride up and down Mason Rd. If a bicycle was to hit that thing it would not be good," said Edwards.